Basic Rules - Self-concept

Basic rules / what’s a matter of course

It’s our aim to pamper you with a sensual and erotic massage in our well-kept salon with great sensitivity as well as personal, physical attention.

Whatever length of time you choose, you will get a holistic wellness massage.
Our massage types and practices are sexually stimulating and lead from mild arousal to multiple orgasms.

IMPORTANT: In our massage studio we do not offer any form of sexual or oral intercourse.

As a matter of principle, you can take a shower and freshen up before and after the massage. It goes without saying that this time is not charged to the time span of the treatment that you have chosen.

Our masseurs ensure that you can always enjoy your wellness time to the fullest and that you only reach an orgasm at the end of the massage period – as a highlight.

Should you reach your personal climax earlier than planned, your massage will continue until the planned end of your massage period. You may of course also end the massage earlier.

If you would like to have more frequent orgasms during your visit (from 60-minute treatments upwards), please discuss this in advance with your masseur. She will take your individual wishes into account accordingly during the massage.

Should you have questions or individual wishes, please discuss them personally in advance with your masseur or else write us an e-mail at