Wellness Massage

Wellness massage / spa massage

Enjoy the luxury of a real break and invest in yourself.

We would like you to feel good and relax when you are with us so you can better manage the increasing requirements so typical of our everyday life. Recover your strength and dedicate yourself to something that is highly significant but nonetheless often forgotten: taking care of your body and relaxing your mind.

With atmospheric light, stimulating fragrances and soft music, you enjoy an intense, erotic massage experience that goes deep under the skin. With intensive skin contact our masseur massages your whole body and brings you a feeling of closeness and security.

All our massages end, if you so desire, with a sensuous hand job. Our various massage types and practices, accompanied by highly varied erotic hand movements and high-quality products, turn your massage into a sensual celebration. Let us surprise you and enjoy the moment of total relaxation.