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Ich bin aktuell leider nicht Anwesend.

Juni 23, 2024

Dear Alisia,

That was a wonderful hour with you, during which I enjoyed every minute incredibly. I have rarely had such a wonderful Nuru massage combined with a fantastic body-to-body massage and first-class eroticism. And when you look so deeply into my eyes and smile at me, it’s all over anyway. And so there’s only one thing left for me to say – hopefully I’ll see you again very soon. Until then, I wish you all the best. Kisses Sven

Juni 23, 2024

Ehelich. Langbeinig. Knackarsch. Freut sich, wenn man(n) abschiesst. Guter Geruch. Gepflegt. Komme gern wieder, wenn ich schon da bin. Meine Kritik:sie ist deutlich zu leise